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Welcome to Martha Jane’s Uptown Dance!

Become an in-demand dancer with a full card at the home of Martha Jane’s Uptown Dance where you receive only fully certified, professional instruction.

At Martha Jane’s Uptown Dance there are a million options to choose from. Some students choose to be seriously competitive, going so far as winning the National Pro-Am Ballroom Championship, others have joined us on a trips to Argentina to study Argentine Tango or to Cuba to study Salsa.  Some want to just Ballroom dance, and others want the training necessary to fulfill a life long dream of becoming a Ballroom Dance Teacher and having a career they can love. Many students start out with wedding dance lessons just looking find a way to survive their first dance, the wedding dance where everyone knows guests tend to scrutinize looking for clues about how well the couple works together, only to find they become hooked on dance and have a new way to celebrate and enjoy their lifetime partnership together doing the one activity in which the entire focus of the couple is one another. People who move in to the area often get into group dance ballroom classes, not only to improve their dancing, but because there are few better ways to meet many people from a large cross section of their new community.  We have performed at many events and benefits which appeals to the students who love to share what they have learned.

Whether you are wanting to learn just enough to get through your next work function, have more fun on you upcoming cruise, just not embarrass yourself too much at your next social function or would like to master all the popular ballroom dances, we can customize a dance program to meet your needs.

Martha Jane’s Uptown Dance draws from decades of experience training and trouble shooting everyone from beginners to serious competitors in a manner designed to ease you into dancing in a comfortable relaxed way that will lead to confidence on any  ballroom dance floor.

There are many ways to begin dancing. While we strongly recommend starting with group dance classes where repetition helps reinforce the basics, you might like to take a few private dance lessons to build confidence a bit first and then join classes to reinforce what you learn and meet like minded dancers. Much can be learned in classes that leads to great fun on the social floor.  At some point, if you want to really look good and stand out, it will be time to add some private lessons to refine more individually. In addition we hold regular dances/ dance practices which are also essential to staying on the dance fast track. To really get good, one needs to be where the rubber meets the road (or suede soled dance shoes meet the wood) and those practices are also most comfortable since you are dancing with like-minded people who share your interest.

A great starting point is to jump into a class covering the type of dance you will use most often. Rather than becoming more confusing, the more forms of social dance studied, the higher the learning curve in all. So rather than just Ballroom dance, just Latin dance, or just Swing dance, a combination of all will accelerate your learning the most. If you already know you want to become a good dancer it is time to get a membership as the membership benefits will both motivate you and stretch you dance dollars. (Check out the Membership Page for more information). We focus on the many forms of connection in dance, this includes connection to oneself, one’s partner, the floor, the music and all the other dancers on the ballroom floor. How to navigate floor traffic is key and in the dance world impromptu ballroom dance floors can even end up being parking lots with someones car radio playing or even someone singing. Always remember the truth of the Zimbabwean proverb, “if you can walk you can dance”. Somewhere inside every human is a stirring to dance that we are here to help unleash!


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